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ipython / ipcontroller init script

If you are running ipython notebook on a server, you will need a startup script. Here are the startup scripts for ipcontroller ipython notebook They come with support for virtualenv.


python: continued fractions

When transferring pen-and-paper calculations into computer code, issues related to floating point precision tend to arise. For my preferred rapid prototyping language, python, this is the case as well. Of course, you can work...


namd2 and tclBCScript

When using the tclBCScript interface of namd for imposing additional forces on a classical molecular dynamics simulation, you may get the (undocumented) error message If you look at the corresponding source, you can see...


hierarchical logging for python

Have you ever tried to spot a certain message in screens full of debugging output? Normally, you have a hard time scanning the text in order to find the output section you were looking...


sphinx: list of classes

If you're not using autodoc, building a list of all your documented classes is not that straightforward. Unfortunately, sphinx does not offer any method to embed this list into your documentation. Below, you find...