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sozi: omit frames from table of contents

When creating presentations with sozi, the built-in table of contents feature surely helps navigating. However, some frames are only added due to aesthetic reasons and do not serve as a sensible entry point during the discussion after the talk whatsoever. As I just opened the issue, there is only a hack available:

  1. Change all frames to be hidden according to the Linux folder convention: frame titles starting with a dot will be omitted from the table of contents.
  2. Open the svg file with your favourite text editor and search for sozi.document.frames.forEach
  3. Encapsulate the whole function declaration body within the forEach loop with if (G.title.substring(0,1) != ".") {…}
  4. Save the file.

You can even modifiy the file and the frame titles with inkscape afterwards. Unless you enforce an update via the sozi plugin for inkscape, the change remains active.