The truth is rarely pure and never simple

About Me

Physicist aspiring to follow the Humboldtian model in education, so I enjoy playing with words just as much as I enjoy playing with numbers. Politically interested. Occasionally talking a bit too much. Curious about the reasons behind everything. Trying to automate most things. Is married and has a dog.

Conference Talks

  • STC 2017, Basel, CH: Accelerated Hartree-Fock-Exchange Forces
  • TYC 2017, London, UK: Accelerating the evaluation of Hartree-Fock exchange forces in MD calculations
  • CMS 2017, Warwick, UK: Accelerated hybrid density functional molecular dynamics for the hematite/water interface.
  • FEMS Euromat 2015, Warsaw, PL: Interfaces for Water Splitting: Dynamics of Hematite/Water from Hybrid Functional Molecular Dynamics.
  • Psi-K 2015, San Sebastian, ES: Structure and charge transfer at the hematite(001)-water interface from all-QM DFT molecular dynamics.


For academic peer-reviewed publications, please refer to the list on Google Scholar.

Non-academic publications include
2008 Trinkwasser – Sorgenwasser, in: Unser Kreis 2009, Jahrbuch für den Kreis Steinfurt
2007 Orthopädie für PhysiotherapeutInnen (IMAS e.V. Steinfurt, Co-Author)
2007 Ohne Worte im ersten Semester. Wie sich Lernende die Welt der Fachsprache erschließen, in: pt – Zeitschrift für Physiotherapeuten
2007 Scriptulum terminologicum. Terminologie für nicht-ärztliche Heilberufe (IMAS e.V. Steinfurt, Co-Author)
2005 Das Infektionsschutzgesetz und seine praktische Anwendung durch HeilpraktikerInnen (MV Verlag Münster, Co-Author)
2004 “Wer Wind sät… Verwehte Spuren in Steinfurt”, in: Unser Kreis 2005, Jahrbuch für den Kreis Steinfurt (Article on forced labourers in my former home town Steinfurt during WWII.)
2004 Verwehte Spuren in Steinfurt (MV Verlag Münster). (Book on forced labourers in my former home town Steinfurt during WWII.)