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NAMD: Setting parameter from script failed

In case you get an error message of the form

FATAL ERROR: Setting parameter binaryoutput from script failed!

you should try moving the line specifying the parameter in question in your config file. In particular, the parameter has to preceed any command actually performing calculations. For example, this config file will fail, as binaryoutput comes after minimize which starts the conjuate gradients minimization.

coordinates 	molecule.pdb
structure 		molecule.psf
cutoff 			12
exclude 		scaled1-4
outputname 		molecule
paraTypeCharmm 	On
parameters 		/home/f/toppar/par_all35_ethers.prm
parameters 		custom.prm
temperature 	298
switchdist 		10
minimization	on
minimize        1000
binaryoutput	no

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