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circos dependencies on RHEL

On RedHat Enterprise Linux 6.5 (Santiago), for installing circos, you will need the following perl packages:

  • Clone
  • Config::General
  • Font::TTF::Font
  • GD
  • GD::Polyline
  • List::MoreUtils
  • Math::Bezier
  • Math::Round
  • Math::VecStat
  • Params::Validate
  • Readonly
  • Regexp::Common
  • Set::IntSpan
  • Statistics::Basic
  • SVG
  • Text::Format
  • Time::HiRes

Here is the copy’n’paste version which stops on errors:

for module in GD::Polyline List::MoreUtils Math::Round Math::Bezier Config::General Clone Font::TTF::Font GD Math::VecStat Readonly Params::Validate SVG Regexp::Common Statistics::Basic Set::IntSpan Text::Format Time::HiRes
; do cpanm $module || break; done

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