gentoo: emerge cssselect fails due to

During the installation of calibre, I got this error:

Of course, the simple solution is to disable the doc use flag. If you just want the software, stick to this solution.

Further tries lead to the interesting fact, that is working with python 2.7 only.

(If you issue the commands for the first time, the last output will be slightly different.)

Although python 2.7 is the default, portage still uses both versions to build the documentation.

As the default fails for python 3.x, we have to disable python 3.x temporarily. I discourage using /etc/make.conf for USE_PORTAGE, as you only want to emerge one package without support for python3.2. Therefore, this is the workaround:

As I mentioned before, cssselect was a dependency of calibre. The –oneshot flag does not add the package to the world-file, hence, you should only use this flag if you get this error while portage is installing a dependency.

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